St. Paul's Tartaraghan

The Boys' Brigade

The Boys' Brigade was founded in Glasgow on 4th October 1883 by Sir William Alexander Smith. From this one Company formed in Scotland the Boys’ Brigade has grown in to a worldwide movement having worked with millions of children and young people for well over a century.


The 5th Portadown (Tartaraghan) Boys' Brigade Company was formed in 1957 and we currently have 50+ boys on our roll led by a team of 8 officers and a number of helpers. 


The Boys' Brigade provides a balanced programme of activities for boys and young men from 5 to 18 years old. Our resources have been developed to assist officers and helpers work in a relevant and creative way. We hope through these programmes our officers and helpers will be able to make a positive contribution to the lives of the young people and be able to share their faith.


Our work is split into age groups as follows:


·                     Anchor Section - for Boys aged 4 to 8 years (P1 – P4)

·                     Junior Section - for Boys aged 8 to 11 years (P5 – P7)

·                     Company Section - for Boys aged 11 to 15 years (Secondary School onwards)

·                     Seniors - for young men aged 15 to 18 years


Our Object


The Object of The Boys' Brigade is:

"The advancement of Christ's kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness."


Our Motto


The Boys' Brigade Motto is: 'Sure & Steadfast'


It is taken from the bible, the book of Hebrews, Chapter 6, Verse 19.



If you are interested in joining the 5th Portadown (Tartaraghan) Company of the Boys’ Brigade, either as a boy or young man; or as a volunteer please get in touch with either the Rector or the Captain who can provide you with more information. 



Company email address:      


Company Captain:                                        David Cardwell                               07716 175781


Anchor Boy Leader in Charge                     Julie Cardwell                                 07704 449422

Junior Section Leader in Charge                 Emma Porter                                  07743 076451

Company Section Leader in Charge           David Cardwell                               07716 175781


Information about our Programme


Anchor Section - Anchor Boys have lots of fun doing different activities. We play games, do crafts, sing songs, hear Bible stories and work towards lots of different badges.


Junior Section - In Junior Section a normal evening is crammed full of activities. We play team games, do challenges, hear and discuss Bible stories, welcome various visitors, enjoy figure marching and work towards lots of different badges.


Company & Senior Sections - Those in Company and Senior Section take part in the Discover and Challenge Plus programmes. These enable you to take part in a fun, balanced and challenging programme; be recognised for your effort and achievement; build strong and trusting relationships. You will also continue to deepen in knowledge and explore more of the Christian faith.  The boys and young men in these sections work towards their President’s and Queen’s Badge.


To sum it up, all sections are about learning new skills, building great friendships and having fun at Boys' Brigade. We provides a safe environment to explore new possibilities and achieve personal goals while making friends and having adventures.  We have many special events on throughout the year and we actively participate in Battalion and District activities and competitions.


Information for adults about Volunteering in The Boys' Brigade


Whatever your skills, experience and interests, we have a role for you!


Our volunteers come from all walks of life to share their skills and enthusiasm as times allows.


Volunteering in the Boys’ Brigade helps give boys and young men opportunities and experiences beyond what is possible in school or at home. They get involved in a huge range of exciting activities and adventures, from learning new skills such as first aid or juggling to fantastic adventures including trying out activities like climbing, high ropes courses and more.


We need your help to allow more boys and young men to experience the opportunities and adventures that the Boys’ Brigade has to offer.


As a volunteer you can take an active part in some of these fun and exciting activities or if you wish you can simply help organise activities.